Southern Vegan Food – Discontinued?

In writing this collection of veganized Southern food I have come to realize some difficult things about this project:

1.) Southern food as it is viewed today is generally not very healthy. While a blog simply about veganized Southern food is easy, and many cookbooks and chefs do create magnificent Southern vegan dishes, I don’t know how helpful this blog will be if the recipes are loaded with fat, sugar and calories. Growing up in the South, I did not eat fried chicken every day of the week but some people would think that to be the case. I remember my greatest “culinary joy” was getting a strawberry from the garden before our dad got to it.

2.) I have not had the time to develop and test my own recipes. Other priorities have taken over and this is truly the first time that I have had a chance to think about the future of this effort.

3.) Making Southern food is good but are you ready to go on a journey with me? How about vegan food with a Southern flair? As I have created these recipes, more of my life experiences outside of the South have creeped into the food. Recreating Southern classics or other people’s perceptions of what those are has never been my mission. The South is changing so rapidly and more people appreciate Chinese or Mexican food there now as much as they do traditional Southern.

So, you tell me. What would you like dear readers?

4 responses to “Southern Vegan Food – Discontinued?

  1. Hrm. Well, I _just_ found your blog this afternoon, when looking for a vegan cornbread buttermilk substitute, which is awfully fortuitous given that you just popped this question yesterday. So I can’t really claim the familiarity of a long-time reader, but I really hope you don’t discontinue this blog. Searching back through previous posts has me desperate to wade through the snows to my grocery store and start cooking up some of the food I remember from being a kid. (Oh god, those apple corn stack pancakes! I need them! And tomato jaaaaam!)

    So I do hope you keep this going. I have no militant regard of “this-thing-only” website status. If sometimes you want to share anecdotes and sometimes you want to share recipes, I don’t see any great conflict there. But a scouring of my local libraries when I first went vegan, and a recent re-scouring confirms that the vast majority of recipes out there are for dishes I enjoy, but that carry no real resonance with my tastebuds, either as comfort food or as nostalgia-inducing food. This site seems to offer an abundance of both, so I hope you keep it.

  2. Thank you metaphlame for your kind comments. I am still in the kitchen quite a bit but purely for cooking mine and other people’s recipes blind, not a lot of experimentation, just getting food in our bellies. I hope that I will have some more time soon enough.

  3. I love your blog and I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks for doing what you have done!

  4. Just found your blog. I’m a southern peach. Vegan raised children. But we also have food allergies. It’s nice to see Savory Southern Vegan Cuisine. :)

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